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0006712: Civilians not attacking or running away after I kill one of them
I kept killing civilians after I claimed their town for mine. Only the ones I were attacking would attack back. Sometimes when I would look at a them after attacking one of them, they would have the lethal tag, but wouldn't do anything.
Attack a villager when other are around
I had 2 companions but they just sat there as I murdered everyone.
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related to 0006547resolved Toady One Wolves passive in adventure mode. 
has duplicate 0006801resolved Footkerchief AI won't fight back or respond to you killing other people 
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I'm not sure if this is directly related but when I create 30 vs 30 battle in Arena mode, team B is passive until several of them are killed.

This doesn't happen in 10 vs 10 battles or old versions.

It's easy to notice if you make team A unarmed and give team B weapons. At first team B is beaten unconscious but soon they'll kill everyone.
2014-07-12 19:41   
Sometimes Team B doesn't move at all, in my experience, even as their comrades get slaughtered.

I created an army of humans with gold armor and adamantine swords and surrounded them with a bunch of elves with bows.

The elves stood idly by as they were cut down to the last one.
2014-07-26 07:01   
Could this be related to how people get overcome by terror/horror too easily?
2014-07-26 08:57   
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The situation of the emotion/reaction is really bad currently, i spawned a new character in an elven retreat, the elven wrestlers of my faction were all under attack from elven wrestlers from another faction .
And none of the enemy faction wrestlers was hostile to me and none of my faction guys were friendly to me.

So without any way to know who's my friend and who's my enemy, i killed randomly some wrestlers, and even the ones i was attacking weren't turning against me, they just let me kill them, and none of their own friend turned hostile.