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0006803Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- AIpublic2014-07-09 02:482014-07-09 07:12
0006803: Vampires avoid conflict
When going to the location of a vampire, they generally run around crazy (likely at sprinting speed) in the general area where they are supposed to be.
After accusing them, they just try to get away from the player (without messages of fear). This makes it hard to actually find and catch up to the vampire, but easy to kill as they never retaliate. In the end, they will be found climbing a wall.

So far, this has happened with every single vampire I've encountered (4-5).
1. Get a quest to kill a vampire.
2. Find where the vampire is supposed to be.
3. Observe movements before accusing (possibly detecting cavern creatures?)
4. Accuse and they will run away and likely end up climbing house walls.
Probably related to 0006547
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