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0006812Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Retirementpublic2014-07-09 05:012014-07-11 13:08
Toady One 
0006812: Adventure mode out of retirement adventurer break game
Played an elf adventurer for a while, then moved in an elf retreat and retired him there for further use.
For retiring him, i left him on the ground, i didn't climbed on any trees.

Then i started a fortress game, built my fortress not too far from the elven retreat, up to the point i decided to switch back to my adventurer and go visit.

Load the save game (don't right click -> save as, it's not link to the dropbox download page) :
https://www.dropbox.com/s/f15pzh07m13pelb/saveadvbroken.rar [^]

At DF main menu, press Continue to play and load the fortress.
Unpause the game and press Escape , and Retire the fortress (for the time being) ( NOT abandon for ruin )

When you're back at the main menu, press Start playing, then Adventurer
Wait for the update world screen (fortunately i generated a small world with only a couple of dozen of years, so the update world is not atrociously slow)

Now on the list, select the (only) adventurer that is listed on the bottom named
Yawo Lafomicaca from Emorawirri

Wait until the game load.

You'll be presented with an odd screen of what seems to be the forest retreate from the tree foliage altitude (instead of ground) , and you're not there, then after a few second, the screen move to another location of the forest retreat and you're still not there.

I'm not sure if it's DF that is trying to "teleport" my character on a ground, but if it's that despite there are lot of place on those treetops, the game is completely failing to do that.

This will never stop and you will never be able to play that adventurer, game broken
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Toady One   
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Fixing the basic cloning issue fixed the save, so I'll link this back to 6792.