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0006829Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Interface, Announcementspublic2014-07-09 08:282017-11-19 22:50
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0006829: Collapse of trees during forest fire causes annoying pausing and recentering. (Not a bug, just extremely annoying.)
Not sure if this can be classified as a bug report.

When there's an ongoing forest fire, trees now collapse as they burn.
Every time a tree collapses, the screen centers on the tree and pauses the game.

During forest fires, trees collapse every few seconds, which makes it near impossible to have the game run autonomously without pausing every three seconds.

It's definitely possible to turn this off in the 'announcements.txt' configuration file, but if you don't know this it's a major annoyance.
Set forest of multi-tile trees on fire.
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related to 0006704resolved Toady One Already-felled trees "collapse" when mining under their former roots 
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2014-07-09 08:46   
Child/duplicate of 006704?
2014-07-09 08:57   
Nope, the messages are not random. They're actual products of collapsing trees.
What I mean is that during forest fires, a lot of trees are simultaneously on fire, which means eventually they all collapse. This means message spam and having to unpause the game every time the message occurs.
2014-07-15 11:51   
(edited on: 2014-07-15 11:52)
Sounds a lot like what happens when you dump water onto a magma pit. That's never been addressed, so I don't think it's likely that this will anytime soon.

2014-07-15 13:14   
You can disable the pausing when collapsing happens. Edit data/init/announcements.txt file, find the line with CAVE_COLLAPSE and remove P and R tags from it.
2014-07-24 09:32   
I would think the best answer to this would not involve disabling the announcement for all collapses. Perhaps a separate TREE_COLLAPSE announcement is needed. I know in my typical play style, there are certain collapses that I absolutely want to know about...
2014-07-30 07:15   
Save for 40.05 here: http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=9205 [^]
2017-11-19 22:50   
These announcements can be changed in the announcements.txt file. Suggestions for adding a separate announcement specific to trees needs to go on the suggestions forum.