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0006835: Adventure mode goblins surround my player as if hostile, but not actually hostile.
I went to a human settlement as an elf adventurer, and was woken up after quickly going to sleep to find a series of yellow exclamation points indicating I presume hostile mobs. I saw a goblin consort and a bunch of goblins and a dwarf approached me. I could talk to the goblins other than the consort and they were definitely not hostile, saying they were travelling on a mission. I ended up surrounded by these non-hostile goblins unable to move through them without attacking.
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That is definitely odd. Unsure what'd be the likely cause.

I've had this occur when modding in goblin adventurers, but that anomaly is expected because goblin adventurers aren't a normal situation.
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It sounds like they were going to try to rob you, but somehow never got around to it.
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Related to 0007161.

Edit: Or, perhaps: 0006666