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Toady One 
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0000689: All axes seized by military; unable to get an axe to a new woodcutter
At the start, I had my military axedwarf cutting trees, and then moved him onto the military full time. However, after a while I ran out of trees, and drafted a clothier migrant to be a woodcutter.

After noticing that he wasn't cutting, I saw that the military dwarf had the iron and copper axes in his hands, and ordered the copper axe dumped. This occurred and the axe was stored in in weapon stockpile successfully. However, the clothier refused to grab the axe, even after drafting him into his own squad and set for axes (and then that specific axe). This went on for a while before I gave up, and eventually the military dwarf came and grabbed the second axe again.

This is probably related to the multiple weapons bug, but I don't know if there's something else going on here. Is the military dwarf claiming the axe, but then not picking it up for a while? The axe was clearly free for some time before it was reclaimed by the military dwarf, but the woodcutter enabled clothier refused to go get it.
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Probably related to (0000648: militarydwarves holding many sets of weapons, shields) and (0000535: Equipping of weapons on military is erratic at best)
2010-04-06 21:27   
I'm also tempted to say it may be related to "dwarf won't drop pick" (which I SWEAR I saw but I can't find it any more) or possibly 0000523.

Just a lot of general oddness relating to items and the military right now!
2010-04-06 21:50   
Similar problem except my military has grabbed all picks!
They are set to "Individual weapon: melee".
2010-04-07 12:55   
This is even worse than I thought! They spar with the picks!
My latest sparring report:

The Pikedwarf / Captain strikes The Soldier in the right foot with her (*bronze pick*), tearing apart the muscle through the draltha leather high boot!
The (*bronze pick*) has lodged firmly in the wound!
The Soldier falls over.
swamp donkey   
2010-04-11 01:36   
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I can't get my dwarfs - who weren't already woodcutters - to cut wood. I've tried some suggestions including making wood axes - somehow this was suppose to help. Forcing them into the military to pick up an axe, and, wishing, all to no avail. Seems to be on the lines of this bug, so, I'll put this here. Only thing I didn't try was to add them into the military, force them to take an axe, then leave them in the military on inactive. Will try it when I get a chance and report back.

OH, its worth noting too, that I have 42 citizens, and, have yet to have the armory dwarf show up in the noble screen. Hes suppose to be there after 20, but, is still not there.