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0006919Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- AIpublic2014-07-09 21:262014-07-09 22:17
0006919: AI controlled creatures do not react to being sneak attacked.
Basically, the summary. If you're sneaking and you attack someone, they don't react. Sometimes they even pull out stuck-in weapons but still don't notice that you're there.
Easy way:
1.) Open up the arena
2.) Spawn in 2 humans
3.) Control one, sneak, attack the other one

Hard way:
1.) Roll up a new adventurer (preferrably with ambusher)
2.) Find a suitable target
3.) Sneak, attack, repeat
This might be related to a bug I've heard about where NPCs don't change direction in combat.
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duplicate of 0006810resolved Toady One AI almost never reacting to being attacked from stealth. 
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This might also be related to the AI being overly passive, like how peasants watch you butcher their friends and neither retaliate or flee.