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0007036Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Retirementpublic2014-07-11 00:562014-07-11 01:31
Knight Otu 
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0007036: Adventurer was duplicated was duplicated after unretiring
My adventurer was duplicated after unretiring, afterwards the character acted as if it was both an npc and an adventurer, when speaking with people I had no control but i was allowed to start conversations, I was also allowed to move the character around 50% of the time whereas the other part was often moving in the other direction it was quite hard to control, was not capable of checking combat as I was not able to get close enough to anyone to engage in that.
I assume that the cause was that I was lady of both a cave and a hamlet, especially since the npc part seemed to prioritize going to the one of the places I was lady while I was in the other place, but CTD has been preventing me from proving this.
I accidentally deleted the save while trying to reproduce this bug. I intended to put a link to it otherwise, sorry.
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duplicate of 0006792resolved Toady One Using a retired adventurer spawns a clone 
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