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0007114: Inherited melting flag not shown/cleared correctly on reclaimed fort objects

It appears that if an object is designated for melting, then the flag is not displayed after the fort is reclaimed and objects remain unavailable for general use.

I ditched a fort that was for testing another object melting bug which did not manifest, and after some intentional !!Fun!! I found out that the copper battle axes from pre-claim were not unusable by the dwarfs.

May be related to 0004489.

1. Bring lots of metal items to a new fort
2. Flag them up for melting
3. Abandon fort
4. Reclaim fort, collect up some of those items
5. Discover that they are not usable
6. Notice that d-f-m paints them red but no melt flag is shown on loo(k) view
7. Toggle melt twice on an object and it becomes usable again.

http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=8898 [^]

Bugged (copper battle axes) are in stockpile.

Save also manifests another bug: bituminous coal sitting in 1/7 magma, emitting smoke but not actually on !!fire!!. Which is very odd since they were on fire earlier.

The melting bug I was trying to verify is that the either the iron thrones on reclaim fortresses don't give any metal, or that reclaimed WG fort magma smelters are bugged for melt-item purposes and don't give any bars at all.
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related to 0000863resolved Toady One Items that are tasked when fortress is abandoned are still tasked (invisibly) on reclaim, and other reclaim oddities 
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I noticed a possible clue on what is going on by looking at ag's comment on 0006466: it may be that the melt flag on object itself is cleared on reclaim, but the internal 'list of items to melt' is not.