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0007154Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Sitespublic2014-07-12 14:222014-07-14 11:49
Toady One 
0007154: Maxed-out animal populations cause lag in dwarf/goblin sites
Approaching dark fortress/dwarven fortresses in adventurer mode causes all non-instant actions (moving/climbing/attacking etc.) taking a lot of time and CPU power. I found this in the 'region_world_sites_and_pops.txt':

4: Oltarumer, "Giltblush", fortress
    Owner: The New Tongs, dwarves
    Parent Civ: The Bejeweled Boat, dwarves
    136 dwarves
    2 humans
    67185 dogs
    67185 cats
    67185 mules
    67185 donkeys
    67185 horses
    67185 cows
    67185 sheep
    67185 pigs
    67185 goats
    67185 chickens
    67185 cavies
    67185 ducks
    67185 water buffalos
    67185 reindeer
    67185 geese
    67185 yaks
    67185 llamas
    67185 alpacas
    67185 guineafowls
    67185 blue peafowls
    67185 turkeys
    67185 rabbits

7: Bemkasta, "Wereclutched", dark fortress
    Owner: The Beautiful Torments, goblins
    Parent Civ: The Jade Poison, goblins
    1 gecko fiend
    135 goblins
    1911 trolls

1. Generate a world.
2. Export map/gen info in legends mode.
3. Create an adventurer and visit a fortress/dark fortress (haven't verified this happening in any other site types)
4. Retire and export map/gen info again and compare site populations.
lag, overcrowded, overpopulation, world generation
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Toady One   
2014-07-14 11:49   
There could be other ways populations get messed up when it comes to traveling locally, but the main problem of certain site animal populations breeding out of control should be fixed now.