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0007163: NPCs mention dead beasts when asked about troubles
After killing most of the night creatures in a world the NPCs would still ask me to kill them when asked about 'troubles'. Asking the NPCs about the whereabouts of the beast would lead to them telling me it's dead. Asking them for directions to the lair would lead to them telling me i'd killed the beast there.
1. Generate a new world.
2. Ask an NPC about troubles, pick the 'beasts' option and ask for directions to the beasts lair.
3. Kill the beast, tell an NPC about the beast's death and ask about troubles.
4. After asking them about the 'beasts' a few times, they will ask you to kill the one you'd just told them you've killed.
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has duplicate 0008043resolved Footkerchief megabeast death information not updated after conversations 
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Save at http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=9054 [^] for 0.40.03; see the conversation log for an example, end the conversation and repeat (keep asking about troubles+beasts, then ask about Staddat's location once mentioned).

--Also, this is a separate matter, but bragging about violent deeds (and killing a beast being one of them) /doesn't/ let the listening NPC know that the beast is dead, unlike summarising having slain. Granted, this is convenient for the moment as, for the moment, that conversation option also selects claims that the player may prefer to keep secret.
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I have had this happen to me also. I also find it hard to recruit more companions even after killing many beasts and gaining a name. this still happen in 40.03 by the way.

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In 40.09, a companion would tell me about the menace of some leopard, even though he was right there with me in the lair when I killed the damn thing.

Edit: This is still happening a lot in 40.10. Companion A will kill a beast and days later companion B, who was there at the time, will suggest that we go kill it.

2014-09-22 09:56   
Still in 40.13, even after getting my adventurer killed and worldgen doing the two week generation on doing a new adventurer. The cyclops yellrains was killed by the previous adventurer.

1. Ask the captian of the guard (conversation is already started) about troubles and beasts.

2. Keep asking about troubles and beasts until you get to yellrains the cyclops.

3. Ask for directions to silverglow.

http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=9772 [^]

Theres another problem though in that they most likely shouldn't know it's dead (or at least who it was killed by) because the only two people I told about the kill were my two companions at the time, and didn't tell anybody else. It's possible that one of my companions said something while I was at a site.

The main bug is still there though in that NPCs still give rumors for dead beasts.