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0007215Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Townpublic2014-07-13 09:262014-07-13 12:31
0007215: heavy slowdown in a pocket world hillock area
While fighting some elves+human bandits near a hillock zone, the last of them, a human started to run away, i followed him in the direction of some small hillocks.

And suddenly very bad slowdown happened, near unplayable.
I managed to painfully kill the last bandit then decided to investigate why they was such a slowdown (considering it's a small history and pocketworld it seemed very strange)

Not finding anything out of the ordinary, i proceeded to kill the dwarves in every hillocks of that area in case there was one with some broken pathfinding.

After doing so on the bigger hillocks i went to a really very small one only 3x3 tiles.
And it was it, in that 3x3 tiles mini-hillock i counted more than a hundred of dwarves ! lots were on top of each other, there were dialogues spam constantly that was certainly not helping the heavy lag.

Uploaded the save game here :
http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=8937 [^]
the bugged hillock is the one that entrance is right next to the character
duplicate of 0006804resolved Toady One Human overpopulation 
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