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Toady One 
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0007258: Outside areas marked as "Inside"
Got one of the random "something on the surface has collapsed" alerts that others have seen, and when I went to the area to check it, I noticed that several of the tiles that are clearly outside are labelled as "inside". I'm guessing they're the tiles that were inside tree trunks whose roots were mined out, based on their placement. Also, doesn't appear to usually effect the base of the trunk, just the parts above the "ground" level of the trunk.
1. Dwarf Mode
2. mine out the roots of a tree
3. check space where trunk of tree was with "k"
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has duplicate 0007832resolved lethosor Floating ground that's not there 
related to 0007068resolved Toady One Tile dug under tree trunk growing on rock is considered inside/light/aboveground 
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This has been around for... well, as long as there have been three dimensions.
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This seems to be related to multi-tile tree trunks, given 0007832. XxoriginxX, you may be thinking of the situation where channeled-out areas become "light, above ground" irreversibly.

Save from 0007832: http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=9284 [^] (0.40.06)