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0007274Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Designationspublic2014-07-14 06:542018-01-15 15:12
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0007274: Woodcutter stuck in place trying to "Fell Tree"
I designated one "bayberry tree" to be cut down, my woodcutter dwarf got stuck in place. If I 'v'iew him it says his job is "Fell Tree". There is no tree around him. If I cancel the designation he will stay stuck in place with the same job "Fell Tree". He is already drowsy and thirsty and i cannot get him to move.
http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=8963 [^]
0.40.05, designation, Fortress Mode, Save Included, stuck, tree, woodcutting
related to 0007825resolved Toady One Miner frozen on "dig channel" job 
related to 0007876resolved Toady One Dwarves do not go around constructed walls that were built in their path 
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2014-07-14 07:11   
Sorry, forgot to add that i am in a windows 7 PC
2014-07-14 16:13   
I found out the dwarf was trying to cut a pecan tree in another z level, instead of the bayberry one. If i cancel the designation on this one he comes back to normal, however I believe it wasn't intended behavior for the dwarf to stop moving until i canceled the designation.
2014-07-27 17:56   
I would like to add to this.
Had a woodcutter stuck on "fell tree" the tree in question i believe was destroyed by my miners. Woodcutter ignored his own thirst and hunger completely. However. after reading this bug report i tried removing all designations and it brought him out of living statue mode.
2014-07-27 19:34   
Also experienced this
2014-07-28 14:11   
Can confirm still present in 0.40.05, on a Mac. I have twice found woodcutters frozen with "fell tree" jobs, getting hungry and thirsty. Both times, the dwarf was found in a strange location he'd normally have no reason to go to.
Here is a save file: http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=9190 [^]
2014-08-03 20:25   
Was the dwarf's path blocked by anything (e.g. a bridge)? If so, this may be 0006842.
2014-08-04 06:34   
I don't think so but can't rule it out completely; there was some ongoing construction in my case, but I don't think any of it was along a traffic route that the woodcutter might have planned to take.
2018-01-15 14:54   
v0.44.04: in both saves the stuck dwarves immediately went to take care of their needs and the designated trees were (eventually) chopped down successfully. This issue was probably fixed along with the other "stuck dwarf" problems back in v0.40.07.