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0007286: Buzzards sometimes suicidally dive-bomb into the ground, instantly killing themselves as a result; corpses not butchurable
In my most recent 0.40.02 save (just deleted along with the rest of the DF2014 directory to make room for 0.40.03, sorry), I embarked on the border between a Temperate Sand Desert and Temperate Mountain biome, with a small stream and waterfall running just inside the mountain half (despite the pre-embark screen showing area slope as zero- I was actually expecting a completely flat site)

I noticed that buzzards which entered from the Sand Desert (south) side of the map would circle overhead and occasionally suicidally dive-bomb into the terrain a bit north of the stream on the Mountain side of the map- causing their head, neck, and other body parts to explode and instantly killing the buzzard. This happened with four separate buzzards for a couple of seasons on my fortress.

This may or may not be a feature (buzzards aren't the brightest creatures, and perhaps they were chasing vermin), though it struck me as a bit odd/off. What was more concerning to me is that afterwards, the resultant corpses could not be butchered- even with Gather Refuse set to enabled (I had previously hunted, both with hunters and the military, several other forms of native wildlife) and the corpses hauled into an indoor (but outside) portion of my fortress (via the dumping labor, as I was making use of quantum stockpiling- a single tooth or piece of hoof shouldn't take up an entire stockpile tile, IMHO).
(1) Create a fortress in a Temperate Sand Desert biome- possibly sharing area with a Mountain biome or a waterfall.

(2) Wait for the buzzard mass-suicides to begin
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duplicate of 0006545resolved Toady One Flying creatures stop flying, fall to the ground, and explode 
duplicate of 0000874new  Dwarves refuse to butcher some corpses (buzzards in particular) 
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