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0007313Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Designationspublic2014-07-14 20:182015-03-04 01:06
windowsWindows 8.1
0007313: Underground/mushroom trees drop only a single log
I have cut several trees to find randomly some trees seem to just evaporate or disappear yielding no logs
I designated several trees at once and let the dwarves get dwarfy
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related to 0007385resolved Footkerchief Chopped tree gave no logs 
has duplicate 0010866resolved Loci Cutting down trees in caverns only yields one log 
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2014-07-14 21:12   
I've had this happen too, once or twice. Mostly with underground trees, though.
2014-07-14 21:19   
Please reopen this if 0006749 doesn't cover it.
2014-07-15 11:27   
Re-opened because 0006749 doesn't cover it.

It may not be that the trees disappear entirely - they seem to drop only a single log, regardless of size. It mostly happens with mushroom trees in the caverns.
2014-07-15 13:46   
(edited on: 2014-07-15 13:47)
It looks like only the trunk generates logs, not the mushroom cap, and since tower-caps, goblin-caps, black-caps, and nether-caps tend to only have a 1-level stalk, they only give a single log. By comparison, fungiwoods, spore trees, tunnel tubes, and blood thorns give multiple logs.

2014-07-15 14:04   
Quietust, you're right... I've just tested that too...
I think, "cap" segments should also count towards the amount of logs the mushroom drops...

Also, when the mushroom is cut down in the narrow passages of the underground caves it often leaves some "Unusable downward slopes" in the air...
2014-07-15 20:10   
eliotcougar, that bug is here: 0007121
2014-08-19 13:30   
This still happens, even with the recent tree chopping changes.
2015-03-04 01:06   
The [TREE_HAS_MUSHROOM_CAP] token seems like it overwrites all other height/width parameters of the tree. Even millennia-old tower caps have only a 1x1 trunk covered by a massive, useless cap.