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Toady One 
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0007349: Seeing berserk dwarf triggers mass combat
Planter had a mood, claimed a glass furnace, and then sat there not collecting anything.
I built a wall around the furnace, with a door in it that I forbid passage through.
Eventually the dwarf went berserk, and of course just sat there as the door was locked.

I channeled into the top, forgetting about climb, the berserk planter climbed out and attacked a miner. Shortly thereafter I noticed that there were an awful lot more corpses than just the planter and the miner.
Combat had broken out in many odd places, some on different floors of the fortress.

I re-loaded the save from just before channeling, and repeated the procedure. Same results, different dwarves randomly attacking each other.

I channeled in from the outdoors rather than the indoors. No random battles.

I opened the door and went slowly. Random battles, but only within sight of the berserk.

I opened the door and went slowly again, more random battles, only within sight of the berserk. Additionally, some random battles appeared to start after the berserk was dead.
Find the berserk dwarf in the save (http://www.bobnova.com/dwarffortress/region1-before-berserk.rar [^]), he's in a glass furnace a couple z levels under the F1 zoom point (or units-etc.).
Open the door to him. He may simply sit there not realizing it's unlocked. Send a dwarf in, for any reason.

The berserk will attack, shortly unrelated dwarves will attack each other.

Nothing special seems to need to be done in this save to reproduce this, though it appears that it must be witnessed.
This is the first failed mood I've had in 0.40.xx as well as the first berserk I've had. Thus I do not know if it happens with every berserk or just this one.

Seems like it might be related to loyalty on a transitory basis. I suspect but have not confirmed that the dwarves that attack or are attacked randomly all have had a job cancellation due to the berserk. Like I said I have not doublechecked this!
It reminds me of the hauling bug (no clue what number, only seen it referenced on the forum) that causes friendlies that are hauling hostiles to be attacked as hostile.
loyalty cascade
related to 0003259new  Loyalty cascade after ordering squad to attack were-citizens, merchants/traders, guards, or liaison 
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2014-07-15 15:06   
Are the dwarves throwing tantrums?
2014-07-15 15:07   
No mods, no file editing. I do use the recently released Dwarf Therapist.
The issue happens regardless of whether it is running or not.
2014-07-15 15:12   
No tantrums are in evidence. The first dwarf attacked and its attackers this go-round are all ecstatic, they're listed as "No job", as well.

I spent some more time going frame by frame.
It looks like anybody who is interrupted and flees becomes a hostile and is chased/attacked.
2014-07-20 23:19   
Yep, experienced a very similar thing in 0.40.03 as well. Metalcrafter went berzerk, killed someone, I sent my army to kill him, and after they engaged him some of them began striking out at others, and the cascade resulted. It seems consistent with you saying that the cascade begins on sight. I also noticed that the combat log was filled with people yelling for revenge.
2014-08-13 13:37   
After testing the save in 0.40.08, it does not appear to be the civil war bug ("loyalty cascade") - even amidst the chaos, all dwarves maintained their citizenship and site government membership.
2014-08-13 23:03   
I had a dwarf go berserk and her lover started fighting as well.
It's possible that this is related to the new loyalty system, causing dwarves to attempt to aid their friends and family in combat regardless of their sanity.
Toady One   
2014-08-16 13:28   
Yeah, it was usually the berserk planter's younger brother that was jumping in. I've made them consider the berserkness and other such factors now. After that, for 0.40.09, many dwarves in the fort jumped in to help the first non-berserk target, which is good.