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0007390Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Militarypublic2014-07-16 12:452014-08-10 08:23
Windows 7Windows7
0007390: Militia Commander stuck in tree, does not do work as a civilian even after being removed from the position
The militia commander will not work when a civilian. Even after removing the Militia Commander title, the civilian idles permanently. This has been reproduced once, the skills attempted were carpentry and hunting.
Both militia commanders were assigned from create a 'first squad' in a new embark by pressing 'm' and assigning a dwarf.
Fixed in 0.40.07?
duplicate of 0006586needs feedback Footkerchief Carpenter climbs multi-block trees to die 
related to 0007452resolved Toady One Replacing the squad leader creates permanent, hidden squad members 
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2014-07-16 12:49   
Please standby on this issue, the 2nd instance the dwarf may have gotten stuck in a tree.
2014-07-16 12:57   
The dwarf is moving around fine, he is not stuck in a tree.
2014-07-16 13:25   
Reminder sent to: robbintt

Carpentry, Hunting, and Mining are skills that have problems with military weapon assignments. Were the axes, picks or crossbows claimed or used as military equipment as well as civilian?
2014-07-16 14:19   
He fought in one combat barehanded but never attacked. He was attacked a few times and withdrew. Ever since he has loafed in the area.
2014-07-16 14:19   
His uniform was accidentally set to 'none', so I can guarantee he had no weapon.
2014-07-16 17:16   
Reminder sent to: robbintt

Can you provide a save where this is happening?
2014-07-20 10:40   
Does disbanding the squad fix this? If so, it may be related to 0007452 .
2014-07-21 12:08   
Here is the region file: http://ftl.cc/robbintt.save.40.03.zip [^]

Is there a normal file upload tool or should I always self-host?

I tried disbanding before, it didn't fix things. The dwarf is still disbanded. He is the woodworker Obok Alissthinthad. He's still unhappy because he's been screwing around in a tree for a year.
King Mir   
2014-08-10 07:03   
I suspect that the problem is not that he's Militia Commander, but that he's in a tree.

Dwarves in trees seem to have some difficulty pathing to jobs (is there a bug report for that). Idle dwarves with nowhere to hang out also have a tendency to climb trees (this one too). Assign a meeting zone and wait for him to get to a meeting area, then see if he still doesn't do anything. Or find another method to get him down like station orders or barraks training.
2014-08-10 07:34   
robbintt sounded pretty clear that "he is not stuck in a tree".
King Mir   
2014-08-10 07:46   
He said he's moving around, but also that he's been "screwing around in a tree for a year". If you load the save, you can see that the Woodworker in a tree. Moving around, sure. But not getting down.
2014-08-10 07:50   
Thanks. robbintt, until the tree aspect can be ruled out as the cause, we'll consider this a duplicate of 0006586.
2014-08-10 08:23   
Clarified the title to avoid confusion with 0007452