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0007447Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Cooking and Foodpublic2014-07-17 23:192016-10-11 19:12
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0007447: Brewing doesn't work
This is the second time I have encountered this. The first time, I restarted and attempted a new fortress - it has happened again.

This problem has surfaced recently on the DF Gameplay Questions forums under a few posts. It appears to be happening to more than just myself, and it is identical in all cases.

For whatever reason, though well supplied in empty barrels, plump helmets / cave wheat, and either having all the proper links or no links at all to the workshop, my dwarfs are completely unable to brew.

The options are redded out in the workshop, and though I can add the task with a manager, I get the following:

so and so cancels Brew drink from plant: Needs unrotten DRINK_MAT-producing plants.

It does not make any sense to be receiving this error when I have a surplus of plants which can be brewed, and all are readily available, unrestricted
The only thing I am using other than vanilla is a basic graphics tileset
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Khym Chanur   
2014-07-18 02:12   
Might be related to bug 0007423, where I have no problem brewing plump helmets but can't brew fruits.
2014-07-18 07:43   
(edited on: 2014-07-18 07:53)

This is a clone of a slightly older report that got messed up by the accidental sending of like a thousand reminders. Here's a screenshot of the older report:
http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=9052 [^]

And a plain text version for your copy-pasting pleasure:
http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=Q1hmc3p6 [^]

The current status is that we're still waiting for a save that shows broken brewing in a way that's not explained by 0000434 or by the plant barrels being hauled.

Knight Otu   
2014-07-23 12:34   
A custom reaction of mine has spurred me to some tests, and I'm pretty sure that brewing works, at least brewing plants, because 0003224 has been partially resolved - reactions can at least look for PLANT items in containers, and presumably for PLANT_GROWTH items. (0003224 can still cause problems for modding, though - reactions at least *cannot* look for NONE placeholder items in barrels, something I had done to reduce reaction clutter - it worked once I changed it to PLANT and got my dwarves to put the plants in question into a barrel. Whether real item types are affected I can't say for certain.)
2014-07-26 09:17   
For anyone having issues, please note that if you have plant stockpiles giving to a still, the still also needs a furniture stockpile (with empty barrels) giving to it as well. The same would go for any workshop using a reaction requiring a separate container.
2014-07-27 14:59   
I've had the same thing happen as reported here. No stockpiles giving to the still, available food, etc. I'd fixed it by putting a brewables stockpile adjacent to the Still. I can upload a save where it's broken if anyone wants to take a look.
2014-07-27 15:04   
(edited on: 2014-07-27 15:06)
torrenal: is it explained by the still being in a burrow? If not, please upload the save to http://dffd.wimbli.com/ [^] and post the link here.

2014-07-27 15:35   
Bloody... Ok, a quick test while I was waiting on the upload gave me odd results:
I only have one Burrow, the 'Get everyone indoors' burrow I use for sieges & such.

The burrow has no members.
The active alert 'Inactive' does not include the burrow
- My understanding is this Burrow has no effect on anything in any way, until I add dwarves or the current Civilian Alert includes it.

The still is physically within the burrow.
My current food stockpiles are not (I haven't needed the burrow for a while)

If I add the food stockpiles to the burrow, I can brew.

My understanding of the correct operation of burrows would not explain the bug, but modifying my burrows does impact what I see.

The save, if you still want it is: http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=9176 [^]
2014-08-04 21:39   
(edited on: 2014-08-04 21:54)
Problem appears to be the still automatically picks up the boundaries of any burrow it is placed in.

For the 9176 save, fixes are:
- Remove the burrow
- Extend the burrow to cover z91 (where the plant barrels are)
- Build another still on z91, outside the "Inside" burrow

This can replicated in a default 40.06 embark.
- Embark
- Build a still and a carpenter
- Build a barrel at the carpenter
- Validate still now has Brew drink option
- Create a burrow over the still (can be paused here)
- Brew drink goes away
- Extend burrow over carpenter and wagon
- Brew drink comes back

Note: You can still queue brewing a drink via the manager, and it will complete whether the still is in the burrow or not.

2014-08-07 15:44   
(edited on: 2014-08-07 18:37)
That makes this report sound a lot like 0000434. Has anyone been able to reproduce this without any burrows? (Edit: 0007447:0028556)

2014-08-07 16:59   
The problem is there are at least four different brewing bugs at present. Sorting out which one is responsible for each issue isn't easy.

1.)Burrows erroneously apply to workshop reactions, which brewing now is
2.)Hauling issues
3.)Dozens of plants aren't brewable because their handling code is incomplete (including strawberries)
4.)Brewable fruits purchased at embark don't work because they come in bags
5.)Corrupted raws (mis-installation) can disable brewing entirely (not a bug, but still a wide-spread source of confusion)

We really need to get some of these issues sorted out so we can determine whether or not there are any underlying issues.
2014-08-07 18:16   
Loci -- those should all be related to this report now, except for 5, which is probably not solvable.
2014-08-07 18:37   
According to 0007896, this can occur without burrows.
2014-08-09 23:33   
Not only are there bugs present, but even without bugs, it's bloody easy to put yourself into a situation where you can't brew.

I'd appreciate a little feedback as to what specifically is blocking a brew - could you flag the reagents the game sees as unavailable? Then at least I'd know at a glance if the issue was getting brewable food to the still, or daft me forgetting to make more barrels...
2014-08-12 12:27   
I just started a game Linux v40.08 and brewing isn't an option at all in the still, using a manager, or in the kitchen menu. Here is the save:
http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=9369 [^]
2014-08-12 13:41   
@psisquared: From the 9369 save, your raws appeared to be modified from the 40.08 defaults. Specifically, the plants_standard is missing (what I think is) the brew reaction for the plants.

Unfortunately, just adding it back and restarting is not enough to fix. If you could post what pack/launcher/graphics set you're using, that may help others with the same problem. Plant raws actually appear to resemble the 34.11 branch?
2014-08-12 13:45   

Your raws are scrogged (0006849). In particular, reaction_other.txt is missing entries for


Try a fresh install, and avoid using any mods or utilities designed for older versions.
2014-08-12 14:51   
In case it proves useful:

https://imgur.com/1dsqy2l [^]

Top shot shows "can't brew" due to broken raws.
Bot shot shows "can't brew" due to no plants, no containers, burrows, etc.
2014-08-12 15:57   
Thanks for the help. Sorry to waste bug squashing time. The only mod I was using was the Obsidian tileset. I must have screwed something up installing it.
2014-08-20 01:17   
http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=9455 [^]

I am having the exact same issue.

- 40.08
- Using "Starter Pack" with DFHack.
- During this save, brewing used to work, but somehow it stopped working
- Plenty of "Plump Helmet" available
- Some empty barrels
- No (relevant) stockpile links
- I do have a "go inside" civilian burrow, but both the still and stockpiles are part of it
2014-08-20 02:16   
I tested JoshuaRaven's save ( http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=9455 [^] ).

Brew Drink job is red, but looking at the detailed view in stocks screen, there is not a single empty barrel that is not already assigned to a stockpile. There is 93 barrels total but all of them are used.
So I did these steps:
- set reserved barrels to 5
- ordered carpenter to make a barrel and waited until he finishes
- waited until the new barrel gets moved to stockpile
- Brew Drink job became available, so I ordered it
- the dwarf successfully grabbed a barrel and some Plump Helmets and completed the job producing a drink.

So there is no bug in that save.

2014-08-20 02:59   
That was awkward. I did test that there where empty barrels (but the save might be from a different moment). Maybe I was affected by the "barrel in use by hauling", but the empty barrel was sitting in the stockpile, so that might be why I missed that.

You are right that I tested it again, and it now works, so please ignore my comment.
2014-08-27 20:54   
I saw people complaining about this bug on reddit mention that repeatedly dismantling and rebuilding the still eventually made the problem go away. Witnessed this myself and I think I've made a connection: the game is allowing you to build a still without requiring obstacles (i.e. boulders) to be first removed from the construction zone. Possible that a still built with a boulder resting within its boundaries has its Brew drink job disabled. Repeatedly dismantling the still seems to move the boulder around until it's not in the area; you could theoretically also manually clear the area by dumping it. Will do further testing to confirm.
2014-08-28 04:44   
It is more likely that dismantling and rebuilding the still keeps the player preoccupied while the dwarf with the fortress's only plant barrel gets done hauling it across the map to pick up the useless grape vines that the herbalist "gathered".

All buildings (stills included) should cause the constructing dwarf to move any obstructing items to an adjacent tile. If you build your workshops directly next to each other, the items from the second workshop's tiles may end up placed on top of the first workshop. Items on top of a building, however, appear to have no impact on the functionality of the building.

I tested this in 0.40.10; items were correctly cleared from the still's building site, and after I dumped several rocks on top of the still it remained functional.
2014-09-23 17:39   
I believe Loci's comment is correct. I just encountered this bug in 0.40.13 with the conditions that appear to be:

- plants and fruit exist to be brewed and are set brewable in the kitchen
- empty barrels exist
- all plant barrels are currently in the inventory of dwarves on their way to farm plots that have harvestable food

This is with no burrows, no fruits/plants purchased at embark, and vanilla DF. As such, it seems to be strictly related to hauling. I can provide the save if desired.

2014-09-26 00:20   
v 0.40.12 from DF Starter Pack http://www.bay12forums.com/smf/index.php?topic=126076 [^]

This is my 3rd game/fortress from this install. I was able to brew in other games but no more.

DF Starter Pack Settings I changed for the 3rd game: Invaders: no, Child Cap 1:1
I also built 2 Stills right away, which I hadn't done before.
Stocks show 15 barrels. I can see them in the stockpile.
Drinks: 0

Kitchen shows 'COOK'able:
pig tail seeds
plump helmet spawn
cave wheat seeds
sweet pod seeds
rock nuts
plump helmets
turkey tallow
fox tallow

None of these have a 'BREW' option to enable. They all have '- - - -' for the last column.

After reading suggestions here I tried removing one Still building, leaving one behind. Plump Helmets then regained its 'BREW' option. I have two dwarfs selected as brewers but they'd rather farm or 'no job'. Brewing fruit and plant is queued with the manager. I removed and rebuilt this last Still but the problem still existed.

On to the last step. With the manager queuing 10 fruit and 10 plant brews I added 'brew drink from plant' directly to the Still with 'q'. My brewer is getting to work. Drinks: 3. Waiting to see if this happens again.

This is an ongoing issue with the game though. Several dwarfs died of dehydration over the winter before I reloaded a previous save to bring you what I have above. They weren't brewing.
2014-09-26 04:31   
I've had this happen when I only had one plant container containing all my brewable plants in the stockpile. Adding enough plants to fill more barrels or dumping the plants out of the container into a stockpile with barrels disabled let brewing continue.
This was in something like 40.05/6, though, so I don't know if it's still the case.
2014-09-26 17:09   
Observation continued from above:

During this whole process I have a stockpile designated for Food and another for Furniture & Finished Goods.

Seeds, plants, & fish were visible in the food pile and barrels in the Furniture/Finished pile. There were no barrels in the food stockpile even after the brewer got to work. I watched him retrieve a plant & bring it to the Still and then a barrel. The barrels never left the Still. My drink count was going up and stockpiles were not visually filling with barrels of drinks. The Still would flash a barrel in the lower right corner of the Still, as if it needed to be moved out.

A trader arrived and I moved a barrel of fish or wine to the depot along with gems. Sometime during or after this whole trading process my goods were returned to stockpiles in barrels. There were no individual items laying around.

This sounds like normal behavior except new brew barrels were not returned to the food stockpile AND the plump helmets were missing the 'BREW' option in the kitchen.

I have NOT assigned any barrels anywhere. Will/Should my dwarves auto-fill barrels if they are assigned to the stockpile?
2015-03-12 19:13   
I don't know if this is still an issue for some people. I encountered the same problem as well and found an easy solution to it. I had a furniture stockpile with empty barrels (linked to the still) and another stockpile for brewable plants (not linked). Once I linked the plant stockpile to the still, it worked just fine.
2016-10-10 17:00   
I haven't seen any problems of this kind since at least .42, has anyone else run across this or has this one been fixed?
2016-10-11 19:12   
This report became a catch-all for vague brewing problems. There are still outstanding bugs that interfere with brewing (0007423, 0009004), but much of this report is now outdated and nothing appears actionable.