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0007452Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Militarypublic2014-07-18 12:132014-08-08 13:58
Toady One 
0007452: Replacing the squad leader creates permanent, hidden squad members
Create a squad, and assign a leader. (This MAY need to be the top squad/militia commander role; I haven't had a game with more than one squad yet.) Exit the military menu. Re-enter, and replace the leader with a different dwarf. Exit the military menu again; then re-open it. The squad appears vacant! The new squad leader isn't available for military assignment, but he isn't shown as the squad leader either. Check the Nobles screen, too - he's not there either! And you can't assign subordinates until you put someone else in the squad leader position.

But if you station this "size 0" squad, your new squad leader will obey the command - as though he were a rank and file member of the squad. There's no way to remove him from the squad without disbanding it. You can stack any number of hidden members into the squad this way, up to your total population minus 1.

Unsure what effect this has on assigned equipment.
1 Start new fortress.
2 Create squad.
3 Assign squad leader.
4 Exit military menu
5 Assign new squad leader
6 Exit military menu
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2014-07-19 14:17   
same exact thing happened to me today
2014-07-25 23:58   
I had this happen. I could remove them by finding them with the v key (view units) and going to prf, then x to remove from the squad. From there you can reassign them to the squad and they will show up.