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Toady One 
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Windows 7
0007530: Lord Consort companion keeps leaving party, coming back
So I run into this guy carrying a pike, and I'm still looking to fill out my party so I start up a conversation with him. Only it turns out he's the Lord Consort. I sigh and curse my luck, until he mentions being bored out of his mind. So I ask if he wants to join up, and am somewhat surprised when he agrees. I guess my feminine wiles wooed him away from his duties in the fortress.

Sort of. He keeps charging off towards the nearest settlement, getting well out of sight, then apparently remembering that he's part of my party and coming back. Am starting to suspect he may have had his head smashed as a baby. I fear for his life, should something happen to be between him and the nearest settlement.
Find a consort who will join your adventuring party, wander around a bit, watch as he charges off the screen every few minutes in the direction of the nearest settlement.
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2016-05-14 08:50   
Toady fixed an issue with companions continuing their personal business and interfering with following you. There wasn't a specific bug report listed in the change log for this, so I'm adding this one to the 43.02 version.

If this turns out to not have fixed this particular bug report (because of noble status, etc.), PM a manager on the forums.