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0000756Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Haulingpublic2010-04-07 17:272012-03-26 09:28
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0000756: Haulers try to store clothing dropped by militia, mass confusion ensues
I noticed this when my militia would go off duty from an attack or move order. They would toss certain articles of clothing on the ground then some dwarves would come grab them and toss them in a stockpile. That's buggy enough but when they got them to the stockpile they kept moving them in and out of different bins. It looked like a total cluster and it probably would have gone on forever but I finally ordered them to dump the decaying clothing and that seemed to be enough to stop them.
Start a militia. Probably assign them metal armor but don't actually have any on hand. Wait for their clothing to start to rot then give them some direct orders. Be sure to have a finished goods stockpile and probably some bins. This may somewhat be related to pathing issues so toggling a front gate on and off while they're outside and coming off duty might trigger them to throw their clothing on the ground.
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child of 0000535acknowledged Toady One Equipping weapons/armor on military is erratic 
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Ok, I just noticed that they're still doing it to some items I didn't dump that weren't decayed. So it probably doesn't have anything to do with how decayed an object is.
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Well first of all, unless you've given orders to your military to not wear their squad equipment when off duty (the default behavior is to wear your equipment at all times), they shouldn't be dropping their stuff on the ground at all.

Thats 0001513 or related to it.

It takes a lot of time for haulers to get everything into the appropriate bins, especially when theres a lot of stuff involved, bins are actively being created, or you have a complicated stockpile that takes lots of stuff(like a finished goods pile), or you're running out of stockpile space. I don't think it would've gone on forever, but it may very well take a good long while.
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Toady may need an up-to-date save (0.34.02+) to fix this problem. It would be helpful for someone to upload a save to http://dffd.wimbli.com/ [^] and post the link here.