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0007584Dwarf FortressCave-inspublic2014-07-23 05:512014-07-23 07:00
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0007584: Furrowing ground around roots can trigger a cave-in
I've had a strange cave-in triggered by building a dirt road diagonally below a tree. The dirt road was 1 z-level below the trunk, neighboring the roots.

This isn't the same kind of collapse as digging out roots, but an actual cave-in, complete with dust, punching through the ground and unconscious dwarves.

Only part of the tree collapsed (2 tiles of branches and twigs). The tree is still there, just without the parts that collapsed.
Couldn't reproduce the bug just by furrowing. It will probably require digging around the roots to reproduce.
cave-in, dirt road, furrowing, roots, tree
duplicate of 0006704resolved Toady One Already-felled trees "collapse" when mining under their former roots 
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