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0007668Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Thoughts and Preferencespublic2014-07-27 14:222014-10-31 16:53
Toady One 
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0007668: 'She dreams of raising a family. She .'
Found in the Thoughts and preferences of Edzul Tulonlaz in the below save (she's actually a vampire called Lide, but I'm not sure whether that's directly relevant or not).

http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=9174 [^]
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2014-07-27 15:10   
She actually has two dreams - one is to start a family, and the other is to achieve immortality (which she has arguably realized by becoming a vampire).

During my analysis of new goals, I observed that Immortality didn't have a description for the Thoughts and Preferences page, so it looks like it's forgetting to suppress the prefix along with it.
Knight Otu   
2014-07-27 15:11   
I suspect that she also has the IMMORTALITY goal. It might be relevant that as a vampire she is immortal, as well. Should be easy to check.
2014-07-28 03:58   
She doesn't have the goal flagged as realized.
2014-07-28 06:47   
(edited on: 2014-07-28 06:49)
Interesting! I'd noticed the immortality goal in Legends, but hadn't realised the connection.

(I wonder if an immortality goal makes someone more likely to profane a structure? If so, I pity those who end up as still-aging werebeasts instead. I don't remember whether werebeasts/vampires can also become necromancers... hmm. It's amusing to imagine a necromancer occasionally turning into a werebeast and attacking other necromancers, but as both sides are night creatures maybe that wouldn't happen?

In any case, if an immortality-desire is a secret goal not revealed to others then it may make sense to not have it listed (including prefix) even if not immortal; even if were normally revealed, though, it seems reasonable to hide it if {realised, and that realisation a secret (as with the fake name--that raises a question of why there's a fake name in Dwarf Mode and not in Adventurer Mode, granted)}. --And though a desire for immortality directly relates to becoming a necromancer, it definitely seems as though becoming a vampire (even accidentally/unintentionally) should be sufficient as realisation.)

(These are such interesting worlds! *joy*)

Knight Otu   
2014-10-02 03:23   
PatrikLundell posted a 0.40.13 save at 0008388.