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0007722: Some prisoners are hostile
Some prisoners in goblin fortresses are hostile. I've encountered two hostile prisoners so far. They still talk to you normally and will say "take me away from here" when you ask them to join you. However, they leave your service the next step and begin attacking you again.
Uploading a save to dropbox.
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related to 0009416resolved Toady One Child prisoners in Dark Fortresses immediately become hostile, making rescue missions impossible. 
related to 0009935confirmed Detros Rescued prisoner becomes hostile when reunion 
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https://www.dropbox.com/s/68f3gf8z6lpjvna/hostile.zip [^]

Save here. I continued adventuring and not all of them are hostile - just the first ones I encountered - at least, of the next few cells. There's also an area of incredible lag to the northeast.
2014-07-30 06:15   
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I've found the source of this bug. (This could probably be added to the description or additional info.)

The reason the prisoners attack you is because their extended family members have grown up in the goblin fortress and become part of the goblin military. When the children prisoners see these people, it causes them to have a sort of "reunion" with them ("Aunt... is it really you?"). However, these recruits are still attacking you, and there's no real way to stop it. When you injure the brainwashed soldiers, the children prisoners start attacking you too because you're hurting their family members.

I'm guessing that the best way to fix this would be for either A. all relations of prisoners kept in the fortress to become allied with you when you show up, or B, reunions cause the affected parties to ally with you.

There is the issue, though, that prisoners can attack you even when their family member has already died offscreen... so I'm guessing A would probably be the better option.

Edit: In addition, using "Bypass greeting" and "join me on adventures" appears to make it so they can't leave you when they find their family members.

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2016-05-12 01:42   
You should check whether the bug is still here in 0.43.02 since 0009416 was apparently fixed.
2016-05-13 21:37   
Uh, this is related to 0009416 kinda but those are both marked resolved and this is the closest one I can find that is open.

In 43.02 you can get kids to join for a rescue normally, but upon being seen by their family member (and the agreement marked as complete/they revert to normal tile from the @ tile) they go no quarter and start getting chased around.

http://i.imgur.com/hNUkRjW.png [^]

http://i.imgur.com/0UmhnJw.png [^]

http://i.imgur.com/BvMxbP5.png [^]

"Child, is it really you?"
*draws knife and starts stabbing them*
'Uh... I'm having second thoughts about bringing them back here now.'
2016-07-23 01:18   
Siblings rescued by adventurer got killed by their own mother when adventurer took them to their parents. I'm not sure that this is the same bug. (43.05)
2016-07-23 02:05   
@Max_TM, @park66665: that sounds rather like just related issue, please fill separate report. This and 0009146 are about prisoners fighting adventurer in fortresses, you are talking about prisoners later fighting their family members at home.
2016-07-23 02:40   
@Detros: Reported it as 0009935.
2016-07-23 11:16   
If I recall what I said the last time I saw this issue reported: prisoners need to be more reliably changed from their initial unit type of "prisoner" when they have that event that updates their civ loyalties.

This issue would be nothing more than a balance issue (rarity and time-sensitivity of rescuable prisoners) if the "profession" was updated more consistently.