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highmajorhave not tried
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0007734: Collapsing trees channel holes in multiple z levels.
When a tree is falling/collapsing on the surface, it does (sometimes?) channel a hole in the z+1 and z+2 layers (if they are already dug out) and destroy buildings and stockpiles that might be there already.

It does channel in both soil and stone layers.

There was no roots to be dug out, so could be young growing trees.
Dig out z+1 and z+2, wait for trees to collapse on surface.
duplicate of 0006704resolved Toady One Already-felled trees "collapse" when mining under their former roots 
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Savegame: http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=9204 [^]

edit: I have build a few floors over some of the holes.

I do btw use Starter Pack r2