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Toady One 
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0000774: if a new weapon of a type used by a training squad is crafted, all sqaud members drop thier weapons
I have a squad of 5 dwarfs actively training, and another squad of 4 dwarfs, some of whom are stuck in the military permanently(via the reported bug) all hanging out in the barracks training, or pretending to train respectively with wooden training swords.

Meanwhile, my carpenter is cranking out wooden training swords nearby. Every time he completes a sword, all the dwarves int eh barracks haul their swords over to the weapon stockpile next door, and trade them around, and then go back to training.

1) successfully get a squad to train with training swords (a feat in itself, currently)
2)place a weapon stockpile nearby
3) have a carpenter make training swords as the squad trains
4) watch
It should be noted that none of them show any interest in the newly created sword which is still in the carpenter's workshop.

They also use shields, and my armorer is about to start making shields, I'll report back if something similar happens.

Have not confirmed for any weapons besides training swords.
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2010-04-07 22:23   
rofl! This I have to see... brb while I verify this
2010-04-07 22:25   
yes producing shields has the same effect.

it should also be noted that I have a fully functional Arsenal Dwarf, who is always free to do his duty.
2010-04-07 22:59   
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ROFL. alright, it took a bit of arguing to get through step 1 but yes, I can confirm this. tested this on a new map with seven novice woodcutter/axedwarves. Once I managed to get them all properly outfitted with wooden axes comedy ensues. ;)

This bug is my new favorite!

note, this effect did not begin to happen until all six of the dwarves in training were equipped with training axes. Before this point they behave more rationally.

and verified for wooden bucklers as well.

Ought to do another test and see if this applies weapons other than the training weapons. Should be able to embark with enough raw materials to validate this test easily enough.

2010-04-08 06:53   
My thought on this is that there is code that is responsible for weapon upgrades and it is "upgrading" a little bit too aggressively. I mean that when everyone have certain equipment position filled and one more becomes available - each of the dwarves "upgrades" his equipment to a new _better or same_ item as his previous one (with higher position in the squad probably getting priority in choosing the "best" of N equal items). A way to test this would be to produce one or two basic quality weapons in the following order: wood->copper->bronze->iron->steel and watch how your squad of 3-4 dwarves upgrades their weapons. I guess that they would always settle on descending order by material within squad.

P.S. Can different sorts of wood have different effective quality for a weapon? The have same economic cost but different densities and strengths.
2010-04-08 08:43   
Well I have something totally opposite in my game, they never drop their weapons or shields, even when upgrading to new ones, so they end up with tons of stuff in their hands while others have none...
2010-04-08 08:55   
(edited on: 2010-04-08 08:58)
>>> Another -- Weapon quality and material quality is an interesting question but I don't really think it's related, at least not directly. If this was a quality issue I would think they would occasionally not swap, but that's just not the case.

- When they make this swap, they're going to the stockpile, not to the workshop where the new item was just created.
- They make the swap every time a new weapon is created without fail

Verified for -- wooden sword, wooden axe, wooden buckler

Consider testing this for other weapons
Consider testing this effect for armor as well

Notes -- To reproduce this all members of the squad must be equipped with the item first, if even one is not yet equipped this behavior won't start yet.

2010-04-08 11:08   
it worked for iron shields as well. And since the smithy was MILES away down with the HFS, it was pretty obvious none of them were going anywhere near the newly created shields. They were just going over to the nearby stockpile.

PS srsly? this is you're new favorite bug? Mine is, "Injured baby cancels clean self: Too Insane."
Toady One   
2010-06-08 02:21   
There are two issues here. One, which is a bug I've fixed now for 0.31.06, is that they would trade out their equipment for any newly made item of equal value. That is very bad, of course, and leads to constant shirking of duties.

The other matter is just the frequency of the updates. People will want their dwarves with the best possible equipment and they also will want them to not bother with minor upgrades if it means wandering off. This is more subtle and also a lesser non-bug issue, so I'm going to mark this report as resolved and note the other issue down for consideration as a rebalance for whenever it comes up.