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0007743Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Reclaimpublic2014-07-30 10:382014-07-30 10:58
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0007743: Revealing reclaimed fort areas by removing a construction doesn't work.
In a fort in 0.34.11 I walled off part of my fortress. When I reclaimed and tried to open it up by removing the constructed wall, there was black unrevealed space right next to my dwarves. I guess that it doesn't check to reveal stuff when you remove a construction, only when you dig, because when I dug an adjacent square, the black space turned into revealed space.

Not sure if this still happens in 0.40.05
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duplicate of 0001871confirmed Footkerchief Removing a construction after reclaim doesn't reveal hidden areas 
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May be a duplicate of 0001871. This needs science for 40.05.