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0007825Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Designationspublic2014-08-03 17:532014-08-09 12:38
Toady One 
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0007825: Miner frozen on "dig channel" job
Possibly related to 0007274 and/or 0006842: I have a miner who's frozen on a "dig channel" job. He is standing two tiles away from the job, separated from the tile he is supposed to dig by the downward ramp where another tile was recently channeled. It looks like maybe my other miner channeled out the tile where this one was going to walk to get to his job?
0.40.06, Save Included
related to 0007274resolved Loci Woodcutter stuck in place trying to "Fell Tree" 
has duplicate 0007887resolved lethosor Miners randomly stop mining 
has duplicate 0007910resolved Footkerchief Miners will not finish mining 
has duplicate 0007919resolved lethosor Designating long channel causes miners to freeze 
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Save file: http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=9270 [^]

I've tried a couple times to reproduce this by setting up channel designations in 1-wide tunnels so that one miner channels out the other's path, but have had no luck so far.

Like the woodcutters in 0007274, cancelling the designation on the original stuck job immediately freed the miner.

2014-08-03 20:27   
I wasn't able to reproduce this intentionally, but I saw it happen twice more in the same game when I was channeling out a moat. It looked like it did involve one miner channeling out the tile that the other was planning to stand on while channeling just moments before the second miner was going to step on that tile.
2014-08-06 14:07   
I've seen this one. You can 'unfreeze' the miner by putting him in a military squad, moving the squad, then disbanding it. I've been doing a lot of channel digging, so I get this bug every half hour or so.
2014-08-06 14:19   
I'm able to unfreeze him more easily than that by cancelling and then redesignating the channel he's stuck on.
2014-08-06 15:29   
Pathfinding error, been having dwarves stuck on their way to fish, dig channel tiles or cut tree. Possibly happens when the tile they were going to move into gets channeled and the dwarf just sits there starving until you realize he's stuck and save him.
2014-08-07 01:17   
In my experience, cancelling and re-designating doesn't always work. I'll retest to be sure.