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0007864Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Burialpublic2014-08-05 19:122020-03-11 03:50
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0007864: Slabs of killed enemies say "went missing"
The wereiguana Kir Kethicathi attacked and was promptly put down by my militia, Tulon Onulcog doing most of the fighting. My soldiers made snarky comments about death before someone hauled what was left of him to the refuse stockpile at z=147 (one z-level above and slightly north of the point at F1).

At the northwestmost workshop on z=145, I had someone engrave a slab to commemorate my glorious victory over the iguana menace, but the slab said that he "went missing in the year 253", despite several of my dwarves having participated in the killing. This is the only engraved slab you'll find in my fortress.

I believe this is different from bug 0005110 because it doesn't involve a vampire covering up his/her crimes.
Werecreature arrivals being relatively rare, I haven't yet seen if this will happen again; that said:

1: Slaughter werecreature
2: Engrave slab
http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=9308 [^]
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2014-08-06 03:32   
I've had this issue with three werebeasts and a forgotten beast. Engraved walls correctly show the cause of death.
2014-08-06 05:26   
Hmm, in a way it seems fictionally accurate. People don't know who he is when he is a monster.

Strange then that we would know what to engrave after killing one.
2014-08-06 07:52   
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The OP at 0005110 doesn't mention vampires, and a commenter at 0005110:0022210 says vampires were uninvolved. There doesn't appear to be any reason to think that the issue is linked to vampires.

Thanks for providing a save! I cross-posted it.

2014-09-07 08:40   
Reminder sent to: Dwachs, fourpotatoes

Were the creatures confirmed as showing up as "Deceased" in the unit list BEFORE the slab was engraved?
2014-09-07 13:56   
I didn't check at the time I engraved the slabs and don't have a save from between the time they died and the time I engraved the first slabs; that said, four in-game years later and on 0.40.11, the units show "Deceased" but fresh slabs still show them as missing. Slabs to my own dwarves are engraved correctly.

This was my test procedure:


- Kir Kethicathi the wereiguana has no slabs engraved according to the engrave-slab menu, even though a rock salt memorial to Kir Kethicathi is in a stockpile immediately to the left of the workshop I'm giving the order from. I should probably make a separate bug report for that if nobody's filed one yet and I can reproduce it in a world generated on 0.40.11.
- Stabashukis the kobold thief really does have no slabs engraved.
- I don't think any kobold or wereiguana slabs have been built.
- None of the wereiguana slabs have been built.
- Slabs to citizens are engraved correctly.
- Everyone in the Dead/Missing list is shown as deceased. Kir Kethicathi and Stabashukis are both there.


- I ordered new slabs engraved for Kir Kethicathi and Stabashukis.


- This is a masterful granite memorial to Kir Kethicathi created by `w5 Zulban' Tolisoslan. The slab reads "In memory of Kir Kethicath / Born 228 / Went missing in the year 253 / Slayer of Jaso Shownbridged".

- This is an exceptional rock salt memorial to Stabashukis. The slab reads "In memory of Stabashukis / Born 119 / Went missing in the year 257 / Devoted father and husband".

- Both show as "No slabs engraved".


- I installed all my kobold & wereiguana slabs in the common area of my mortuary complex.


- The kobold & both wereiguanas show as "No slabs engraved" but "Memorialized" in the engrave-slab menu.


- I ordered a second slab for Fikod Zesdastot the wereiguana child.


- This is an exceptional granite memorial to Fikod Zesdastot. The slab reads "In memory of Fikod Zesdastot / Born 246 / Went missing in the year 254".
2014-09-08 10:00   
Did engrave a slab for a dead goblin recruit: It was mentioned as 'Deceased' on the unit list before engraving. On the slab it reads ' Went missing '.

I can still engrave more slabs for this poor guy: The craftdwarf workshop says 'memorialized' and 'no slabs engraved'. Engraving and constructing a second slab does not change the state in the craftdwarf shop. The second slab also reads 'went missing'.
2014-11-13 23:50   
The bug is still present in 40.16. While for some deads, the writing is correct (died on thirst), the slabs for a minotaur child (killed by kangaroo) and a were-warthog (killed by one of my sworddwarfs) still read 'went missing'.

dfhack deathcause reported the correct cause of death in 40.14, so it seems to be only a problem with the engraving.
2015-01-07 14:29   
Still in 40.23. Memorial slabs for one cyclops and three serpent (wo)men note only "went missing". That cyclops is noted as "Deceased" in units, those serpent (wo)men I do not have in Units at all (because of 0008124). I may supply current save once I get to move to 40.24.
Knight Otu   
2020-03-11 03:50   
risusinf posted a save for for this issue at 0011452.