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0007959Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Idle Behaviorpublic2014-08-11 12:282016-07-12 23:38
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0007959: Miner climb on tree for unknown reason and refuse to do his mining job
world generated on 40.08
save here :
http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=9357 [^]

I designed a room to be dug so i can set an underground stockpile, then waited and waited and the miner (that is the expedition leader) was still not coming.
I looked to see if he was dead , but he was there with "no job" in the U menu (despite the job location is designed).

I found that the miner for reason i don't know decided to climb on a tree and is still there without showing any sign to climb down.
He has now wound and is not "on break", so i don't know what is going on that cause him to stay on his tree ignoring his work.

(i can assign the miner job to another dwarf, and that dwarf will go mining immediately, so no idea what is going on with the expedition leader)
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duplicate of 0009252resolved Toady One Dwarves get stuck in trees 
related to 0006586needs feedback Footkerchief Carpenter climbs multi-block trees to die 
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2014-08-11 13:54   
a little follow-up, the dwarf only climb down from his tree if i assign the mining job to another dwarf (that will react immediately, take a pick and go mining)
After the new miner has dug a dozen of square in the designed room, the expedition leader/original miner will then climb down and go directly to help the mining.

If i don't assign the mining job to the other dwarf, the expedition leader will not do the mining job, and as i don't noticed him going to drink/eat , may probably die from thirst or starvation in the end
King Mir   
2014-08-11 22:07   
To work around this, try setting up a meeting zone so that the miner eventually makes his way down to it.
2014-08-12 12:42   
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It is not enough apparently, an alternative that worked was to create a burrow and assign that dwarf to that burrow, then the miner left the tree.

On the same strange climb and odd pathfinding choice, i ran a few times into a problem that is probably having some similar pathfinding source.

When i have a river (not a brook) crossing the map i am embarking in, it happens after a while that some dwarves that should be working have a "no job" , and looking for them, it appears that they're stuck on the other side of the river.
Until i build a mini bridge or a set of floor tiles for them to be able to come back.

The only way they could have gone stuck on the other side would be to have jumped after sprinting or climbing trees that are next to the river and dropping from the tree on the other side of the river. But they have no reason to do so as there's no threat and there's plenty of space to move around.

problem is that they will never come back on their own, trying to climb another tree, etc.. they will then eventually die from starving if you don't rescue them.

2014-08-29 09:26   
I accidentally figured out a way to rescue dwarves if they just sit in the tree. Build a pair of up / down stairs, then build a floor on a tree branch on z-level up. When the floor was built, the tree vanished (no wood left behind) and the stuck dwarf was free with no injuries reported.
2014-08-29 10:23   
well that in and of itself can probably be constituted as a bug.
2016-01-19 12:57   
I want to report that I am now encountering this bug with build 0.42.04. It is happening quite frequently, and occasionally I am unable to rescue the dwarves before they starve.
2016-01-19 18:12   
Related to 0009252, "Dwarves get stuck in trees".
2016-07-12 23:38   
Consolidating tree problems to 0009252