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0007960Dwarf FortressFirepublic2014-08-11 12:332014-08-21 15:48
0007960: Tree trunks swamped in magma don't burn
I was flooding part of a cavern with magma and noticed that trees weren't burning when magma touched them. They would burn when magma set ground cover on fire and the fire reached them but direct contact with magma does nothing. Also demonstrable in the arena.
Create trees in arena mode, place lava on every square adjacent to the trunk, watch as trees are flame retardant.
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duplicate of 0006643confirmed Footkerchief Lower tree trunks dont burn properly 
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Also, I do have temperature on.
2014-08-11 13:38   
Does it only apply to cavern trees, or to all trees?
2014-08-11 17:25   
It applies to all trees. I meant to change the title since I tested it halfway through the bug report. It was only cavern trees in my fortress because that's where the magma was; however, I tested 5 surface and 5 subterranean varieties of trees on arena mode and they all ignored the magma.
2014-08-11 21:13   
(edited on: 2014-08-11 21:14)
Testing in the arena suggests that trees will catch on fire under the following conditions:

a) There is an adjacent grass fire or object/creature that is on fire


b) A fluid-passable tile of the tree (i.e. the branches) contains an object or fluid that is hotter than the tree's ignition point

Perhaps related to 0004041 , 0001134 , 0003866 , 0006643

EDIT: merely being adjacent to magma is not sufficent to ignite trees or wooden objects in DF.