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0007977Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Justicepublic2014-08-12 13:542014-08-12 14:15
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0007977: Justice, Sleep Pretension, and Menial Work Exemption ignored for CIV-level nobles
While examining the logic for determining who is exempt from automatic Justice punishment, I found that the check for PUNISHMENT_EXEMPT is only done if the position is local to your site government, so the Baron, Count, and Duke (and likely Monarch as well) are now eligible for punishment (though the Champion will be properly immune). A cross-reference check indicates that this is also an issue for S

A brief cross-reference check indicates that this also affects SLEEP_PRETENSION and MENIAL_WORK_EXEMPTION (which now fails to display "Noble" instead of "No Job" in addition to the existing problem described in 0003721).
The root of this issue is the same as that of 0007831.

This problem actually dates back to 0.31.01, though back then it only applied to the King (showed up as "No Job" instead of "Noble" and didn't get unhappy thoughts from others' room quality levels).
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