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0007993Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Noblespublic2014-08-13 16:432014-08-13 18:23
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0007993: Expedition Leader not appointed/appointable.
Somehow, after lots of FUN, I was left with my expedition leader and a child dwarf. The expedition leader was injured and the child did not attempt to feed/water him. After a time, he went insane. The child dwarf survived long enough until the next migrant wave. I now have no expedition leader and one is not being appointed to me. This also means that I cannot set up squad leaders, brokers, managers, etc.
Have two remaining dwarves: one child and one expedition leader. Have the expedition leader die. Profit?
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duplicate of 0005299confirmed Footkerchief If fortress population drops to 1 child or insane dwarf, can't appoint/elect nobles when migrants arrive 
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Just go in and assign the position to someone else. You can manually assign the noble rank.
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I actually can't assign it manually.