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0008022Dwarf FortressCombat -- Stuck-inspublic2014-08-15 01:302017-11-02 15:47
0008022: Bronze forgotten beast unable to kill kitten
About 6 screens of strikes to the head and no result

(small log)
http://i.snag.gy/vAAFk.jpg [^]

save file: http://desunote.ru/df_save/df_kitten_bug.tar.bz2 [^]
1. Load that save
2. Open log

FB is on 85 ('H' letter).
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duplicate of 0002502confirmed Footkerchief After gaining possession of items such as clothing, wrestling creatures with [EQUIPS] wield them as weapons 
related to 0000787confirmed Footkerchief Small animals and reanimated body parts can't be hit -- "the attack passes right through" 
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Duplicate of 0002502.
2014-08-15 06:04   
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I think it's a duplicate as well, but are you sure it's a duplicate of 0002502 in particular? They look very dissimilar...

Edit: My Search-Fu isn't strong enough to locate the proper report, unfortunately. I just know I've seen it.

The best I can find i is 0007283, though I know I've seen a closer report.

2017-11-02 15:47   
From the image, the forgotten beast is attacking with "its (pig tail fiber sock)" that it presumably wrestled away from a dwarf. The attacks are landing, but only doing minor damage ("bruising the fat!"). 0002502 is the relevant duplicate.