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0008081Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Sitespublic2014-08-19 14:492015-02-05 11:33
0008081: Unplayable lag on traveling to site with army present
Adventured to a fortress, inhabitants complained that a hostile army was on the march toward them. Went out and engaged multiple enemy groups in the wilderness without trouble.

Then I used fast travel to return to the fortress and (as far as I can tell) another part of the army set up camp on the site. Upon leaving fast travel mode at the fortress, the CPU pegs at 100% and the game slows to single digit frames-per-minute.

Fast travel still works, so I can leave the site, and the game runs normally outside the affected area. The very low FPS returns if I return to the site. This state of affairs persists across save/reload.
Unknown how to reproduce this state of affairs in a new game.

In attached save, an adventure party is at the fortress surface entrance. Low FPS is observed immediately upon load.
http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=9450 [^]
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related to 0007154resolved Toady One Maxed-out animal populations cause lag in dwarf/goblin sites 
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On further examination the army thing may be a red herring, this may instead be another occurrence of issue 0007821. Once I was able to get dfhack up and running, I used reveal and exterminate to check local map population. Indeed:

 DOG 5976
 DONKEY 5976
 GOAT 5976

I see similarly huge numbers of those four animals on several neighboring map tiles associated with the fortress or the camps. Upon using exterminate to get rid of them, the game returned to a low but usable frame rate.
2015-02-05 11:33   
In 40.24 I have spawned adventurer in my just retired fort (0000143:0000200 dwarves, 4x4 embark, small world in year 11). It seems goblin siege came in the meantime. While FPS were at 10-12 in Fortress mode, now they are rather at 1-5. Pathing (or what is it) seems to be quite demanding during sieges.