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0008110: Burned tree branches collapse when the tree is felled
I got a FB with fire breath on my cavern. It spotted some mole dog or something and of course went on burning areas of the cavern as a result. I noticed all the sudden that a cave-in happened when I had my woodcutters getting back to their jobs after getting rid of the beast. The fire had burned some of the trees, and while the bottom trunk was fine, the upper parts were labelled "dead fungiwood trunk, dead fungiwood branches". When the woodcutters went on chopping them down, they collapsed, causing a cave in. Now I find it unlikely that a dwarf who could chop a totally live tree down just fine would not be able to cut down half-dead tree without getting crushed by the branches. There isn't anything on top of the trees except few cave spider webs, and those haven't caused cave-ins at least this far.
Set some trees on fire. Assign dwarfs to cut them down after the fire is out and the upper parts of it are dead.
http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=9479 [^] [^] Happened just when I continued my game after sending my previous bug report about the uncleanable water, so same save, happens in few seconds after loading the game.
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Well it certainly isn't about "phantom messages" or trees being adjacent to each other, a full healthy tower cap right next to a dead-except-for-the-bottom-layer-fungiwood was felled all nice and clean. Only dead ones collapsed like that. What is also bit weird is that how fire can kill a tree pretty much all way, except for the cutting level, aka the bottom. I'd figure if trees are not supposed to be immune to fire, then the whole tree should burn down. I.e the tree would collapse all by itself if burned badly enough. Or those dead branches at least would fall down, instead of the tree just sitting there waiting the innocent dwarf to come cut it. Or maybe it is some kind of evil Elven plan of trying to eradicate dwarves via murderous passive zombie trees? Looks like woodcutting is actually more dangerous than fiddling with magma these days. I think I don't have any woodcutter who would've not got injured one way or another. I think I've lost at least 3 this far for all sorts of freak accidents. Oh well...losing is fun, and as a revenge I chop down all the not-dead-trees. Just because.