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0000812Dwarf FortressCivilizations/Entities -- Generalpublic2010-04-08 12:232010-11-18 11:46
Toady One 
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0000812: Human civs lack STONE_PREF, only produce bronze items, have no anvils
Human civilizations can't embark with forges and their diplomats cannot be requested to send one on the next caravan.
Mod a human race to be playable.
try to embark with a forge.
trying to reproduce with another generated world.
civilization, metal, raw file
related to 0003958new  Some dwarf civilizations have access to steel without access to iron 
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2010-04-08 12:47   
By forge, do you mean anvil?
2010-04-08 13:07   
oh, duh. yeah an anvil.
2010-04-08 13:27   
There are only three metals with the ITEMS_ANVIL tag: iron, steel, and adamantine. If you add the tag to bronze, you should be able to embark with an anvil.

Humans only seem to use bronze, for some reason. That's the part of this report that seems to be a bug, so I'll retitle the report accordingly.
2010-04-09 20:10   
The entity file for humans doesn't include a PERMITTED_REACTION tag for steel; then again, neither humans nor dwarfs have a PERMITTED_REACTION for iron. This behavior may be intentional.
2010-04-10 01:09   
They never were able to use steel, but disabling the use of iron puts them at approximately kobold technology levels.
2010-04-10 11:28   
(edited on: 2010-04-10 11:29)
Wait, if you disable iron they can no longer use bronze? That ain't right. How are you disabling the use of iron anyway?

2010-04-10 14:06   
I don't really know what's going on with this anymore because I abandoned my human town due to the lack of being able to build a metalsmith's forge.

All I know is that humans cannot embark with anvils and human caravans never carry them (they used to carry them in 40d).

I consider this to be a bug.

If toadyone wished to turn the human civilization into a primitive tribe-like civilization without the ability to use metalworking, then I suppose this is intentional.
Knight Otu   
2010-07-02 08:42   
The reason humans don't use iron is that the human entity lacks STONE_PREF. As this ( http://www.bay12forums.com/smf/index.php?topic=55680.msg1201042#msg1201042 [^] ) thread explains, STONE_PREF allows an entity to directly use ore metals (though I found that it's not quite complete - an entity that lacks material for weapons will use all metals, presumably as a failsafe). So if humans are supposed to use iron (and I would think they are, as they have several alloy reactions already), that should be a quick fix.

I've tested it, and it works, but as most entity changes, requires a world regen.
2010-07-02 10:47   
God, I've never understood why that kind of functionality is attached to STONE_PREF (and METAL_PREF?). Thanks for figuring that out.
2010-10-10 12:02   
In fact, the only metals Human civilizations seem to have access to* are Bronze, Brass, Electrum, Fine Pewter, Trifle Pewter, Lay Pewter, Billon, Sterling Silver, Black Bronze, and Rose Gold, all of which are explicitly allowed via PERMITTED_REACTION.

Exactly how they can make those metals without having access to copper, tin, zinc, silver, gold, and lead is another question entirely...

(* determined by editing the entity raws to bring back the human Guild Representative and forming a trade agreement)

2010-10-10 12:05   
this bug continues in 31.16. seems like a relatively quick fix?
Toady One   
2010-11-15 14:29   
Played with the tags a little for 0.31.18.