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Toady One 
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0008123: Undead companions only hostile towards wildlife
After creeping my way through a necromancer's tower and acquiring its secret (amazingly, only a dozen out of 100 or so actually noticed me sneaking THROUGH the horde), I visited a nearby hillocks to raise a small army of minions, before storming back to the mead hall I started in. Even after clobbering a few of my soon-to-be-ex-comrades, my undead horde preferred to just mill around me, not attacking any of the others in the building. After this I left to intercept a travelling soldier, just standing around and watching my minions...do a fat load of nothing. I walk over to him, he stands there, my zombies mingle around the both of us, etc.

So I decided to test whether my status as a hearthperson there was the cause, moving to another nearby hillock. The dwarves there were busy rioting and murdering each other because the other night some bogeymen followed me there. My undead horde again gave zero fucks about the plentiful living beings all around them. The fact they were mostly recruited from former dorfs in the nearby hillock might be another cause of that, so I left to try a different hamlet. Same result, they just kinda panicked because I was walking in with my weapon drawn, but didn't yell at me to surrender and didn't draw any attention from the zombies following me around.

So I decided to visit a local camp of kobold bandits to see if I could get SOME reaction out of my undead allies. Along the way I blundered into a trio of giant emus, who of course got spooked and ran off. THIS time my minions chased after them, as it seems they didn't react until the emus went from neutral to "encounter" mode. Presumably they ignored the earlier dwarven melee because none of the citizens were hostile towards ME, just each other. Somehow.

The first camp I found was a human bandit camp, where the loccals predictably started fleeing, yet my undead allies continued to ignore them. Then I punched one and my minions apparently felt like not reacting to a hostile when before they seemed to only engage living beings that were officially hostile.

And then when I got to the kobolds, the zombies finally went loco on...the nearby wild boars. They decided to ignore the kobolds entirely. After mauling a whole pack of wild boar, I found that the kobolds themselves also felt like ignoring me, and the zombies ignored them even after provoking a few kobolds.
1. Acquire the secrets of necromancy (good luck with that).
2. Raise some minions.
3. Raise hell, or at least try to futilely.
4. Let them go ballistic on the local fauna instead of anybody else.
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(edited on: 2014-08-22 19:05)
I had the same thing when I tried taking my zombie horde into the middle of a town to wreak havoc. The zombies just stood there while the soldiers whaled away on the zombies.

That was a couple versions ago though, as far back as 40.00, maybe 40.01.

2014-08-22 23:51   
A little bit of modding experimentation made me realize I might've found a possible reason behind this.

I modded in a spelllike effect for driving targets berserk. It initially seemed to not work, until the victims witnessed me kill someone else, at which point they immediately felt the effects of the OPPOSED_TO_LIFE token the effect gave them.

When I re-tested it, throwing in the LIKES_FIGHTING token as well, the affected creatures would immediately go nuts on any living thing in sight.

I went to the example secret (in the "interaction examples" folder) and modded it in, altering it to ADD the LIKES_FIGHTING token to zombies, instead of removing the token like it does by default. Then I genned a world with it and started a game with the objective of becoming a derpomancer (named to tell it apart from normal necromancy).

After acquiring the power and "enlisting" a former derpomancer to help test things out. I wander into the nearby town, and my new friend immediately charged the horde of peaceful merchants.

So it seems that at present, the LIKES_FIGHTING token is important for making zombies and other otherwise hostile creatures do what they do best.
Toady One   
2014-08-28 11:47   
This seems to be fixed for 0.40.11 with the changes to historical undead -- I was able to steamroll a market in any case.