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0008144: Trader that lost their wagons by bug 7185 are here to stay
-My dwarven caravan lost their wagons due to fear bug after they started to embark on their journey (saw -not got attacked by- a wereelk and wagons exploded..). Of course they then had much more stuff than they could carry home and decided then just idled around instead of leaving.
-The merchants and caravan guards became attackable by militia. There came a small siege which I marked by kill rectangle. The rectangle unfortunatly also contained some of the scattered caravan guards which were also attacked and killed. The other guards kept idling.
-The horses got four foals while on my site!?.
After the the human caravan left end of summer next year I deconstructed the trade depot which "stole" all the goods and finally made the merchants guards and horses leave.
If I remember correct the merchants got mad quite quickly if you inhibited their journey after they started to embark so this most likely not a forseen behavior.
-at least no crash
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