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0008156Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Itemspublic2014-08-25 17:202015-01-30 02:13
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0008156: soap requires 150 globs per bar to create
I've been trying to make soap and I got a message that said "Dwarf cancels Make soap from tallow: Needs 150 unrotten ALLOW SOAP_MAT-producing glob."
try to make soap
Probable Quick Fix
related to 0000063resolved Toady One Steel Bar Cancel - 150 Iron Bars 
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2014-08-25 20:50   
I don't think that means 150 individual globs, but rather a single glob with a (hidden) size of at least 150. Try producing a few animals' worth of tallow, then try again.
2014-08-25 20:55   
(edited on: 2014-08-25 20:59)
The fix for 0000063 probably needs to be extended to handle Globs as well as bars/powders/liquids/thread/cloth, now that they also have a "dimension" property.

Additionally, the RENDER_FAT reaction needs to specify [PRODUCT_DIMENSION:150] on its output, otherwise it looks like it should be producing a stack of 150 globs (which will all be needed to make a single bar of soap).

2014-08-30 06:27   
So I tried making more soap after making a ton of tallow and lye. I currently have 49 tallow and 47 lye and I queued up 1 bar of soap and got the same message.
2014-08-30 06:35   
(edited on: 2014-08-30 06:36)
Looking more closely, fat rendering is BROKEN - it takes a 150-dimension glob of fat and produces a single 1-dimension glob of tallow, which means you would have to render 150 globs of fat in order to make a single bar of soap.

Knight Otu   
2014-10-04 13:53   
*All* glob-producing reactions lack the PRODUCT_DIMENSION tag for the glob product, in fact. Wax globs from pressing honeycombs, for example, are affected too. The affected reactions are, as above, RENDER_FAT, MILL_SEEDS_NUTS_TO_PASTE, PRESS_OIL, PRESS_OIL_FRUIT, and PRESS_HONEYCOMB, of which RENDER_FAT and PRESS_HONEYCOMB have an effect on further industries, namely soap-making and wax crafts.
2014-11-02 12:43   
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In .40.14, I haven't had any problem making fat -> tallow -> soap. The world was generated back around .40.07, and fortress embarked in .40.13

2015-01-30 02:13   
Can you check to also make sure that your dwarves aren't putting buckets of lye into barrels ... I wasn't able to make soap even after modding the raws and that turned out to be the problem