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0008162Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Sitespublic2014-08-26 09:542014-09-12 12:23
LinuxLMDE MATE Edition
0008162: Reproducible crash in specific forest retreat
This one forest retreat called "Sinkfield" is full of crash-inducing weirdness. The site lies to the immediate northwest of your starting location in the save and is recognizable by being full of saguaro. There is also an odd-looking river there that seems to begin/end abruptly in the middle of the retreat. I've never gotten close enough to that river to check it out in the gameplay view.

The first time I tried to visit Sinkfield, the game crashed when I tried to exit fast travel. On subsequent attempts, I've been able to exit fast travel, walk around a little and talk to an elf. Then, whenever I walk too far in there (especially closer to the odd river?), it crashes again, without any warning (like slowdown or strange messages). Sometimes there are choking clouds of "silt" erupting when I leave fast travel, as if something had collapsed. One time, the game froze on exiting fast travel (the process stayed at only about 0.7% CPU and 10% memory use) instead of crashing.

I have visited other forest retreats in this world without any problems at all. The game is completely standard vanilla 0.40.10 for Linux, the only things I've done is turn off music and intro movies in "init.txt". There is nothing relevant in "errorlog.txt", just a single old entry about a fleeing cave blob.

Download and load the save at http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=9519 [^] .

Enter fast travel and go northwest to saguaro-filled Sinkfield. Exit fast travel within the retreat. If the game hasn't crashed or froze yet, walk toward the inhabited trees and the river that begins/ends inside the retreat.
---<<< The Crashing Retreat >>>---
76: Gifelora, "Sinkfield", forest retreat
    Owner: The Complex Dusk, elves
    Parent Civ: The Dignified Howls, elves
    106 elves
    100 grizzly bears
    13 coatis
    15 kea

Crash dumps: http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=MFeR3GM6 [^]
Save Included
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Similar crashes are happening in another forest retreat in the same world as Sinkfield. This one is named "Fastensnarl" and lies immediately northeast of the kobold camp (with friendly kobolds that don't mind you taking all their gold) where you start out. The save is at http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=9560 [^]

I'm starting to wonder whether this world has become corrupted in some way. All the crashes seem to happen because of invalid memory references. Nothing like this happened in the other 0.40.X worlds I've played in. Has someone else been getting crashes similar to these? I'll be moving on to sites of other types, to check whether this only happens in forest retreats.

Edit: The following two entries showed up in errorlog.txt, but they don't look like anything special.

loop path fail: <invalid goal> elf,4,74,145 -> -42,17,144: Id #12007:Path Goal Site Walk:Station None at 95,123,147
path fail: <invalid goal> elf,4,74,145 -> -42,17,144: Id #12006:Path Goal Site Walk:Station None at 95,122,147

Edit 2: smjjames posted about a similar crash in a forest retreat at 0007533.