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0008176Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Petspublic2014-08-28 10:232014-09-11 13:22
Toady One 
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0008176: Animals get attached to clothes they're wearing
After very fun tantrum spiral ended I noticed message about Stray Alpaca grown attached to llama wool cap. It was very fun at first, but felt very, very wrong. Especially when I discovered that five of eight animals (three were baby pets) were wearing clothes.
Now here comes tricky part. I had two army mens killed during goblin siege. Tantrum spiral begins and I decided to retire fortress and go back. I did it twice and then decided to wait until all fun settles. So, here we are.
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related to 0007601resolved Toady One Animals wearing clothes in reclaimed fortress 
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Mostly covered by 0007601.