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0008278Dwarf FortressTechnical -- Generalpublic2014-09-11 18:422014-09-13 17:48
Toady One 
0008278: This save file crashes.
It crashes only a little while after loading. It may be worth noting that this crash was apparently forordained awhile ago, as it crashed when unobserved several times, and I kept doing a bit and saving then playing more. So it appears to be related to a time issue of some sort.
Load game. Unpause.
Linux. Happens with STANDARD, TEXT, or 2D interfaces.
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related to 0006242resolved Toady One Crash from destroyed minecart still assigned to route 
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2014-09-11 18:59   
Apparently can't upload save files here. So found this other place, specifically for DF-related files.
http://dffd.wimbli.com/download.php?id=9676&f=saves.zip [^]
2014-09-12 10:01   
Confirmed, crashes immediately after the unpause. Windows 7 64 bit
Toady One   
2014-09-13 14:44   
The crash related to a minecart it couldn't find for a storage job. Presumably it was destroyed or otherwise doesn't exist, and it wasn't accounting for that. The save seems to work for 0.40.13 after the fix.