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0008284Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Itemspublic2014-09-12 04:182014-09-12 05:19
Knight Otu 
Windows 64-bitWindows 8
0008284: Engraved slabs list werebeasts killed in fort as "went missing".
Engraving a slab to a werebeast results in a slab saying something like "In memory of Ustuth Hatelies / slayer of the dwarf Urist Uristotum / went missing in 264".

(Even though the dwarves should know it was killed by the dwarf Dakost Itotun with a *steel battle axe*.)
- kill an invading werebeast
- engrave a slab to it
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duplicate of 0007864confirmed Footkerchief Slabs of killed enemies say "went missing" 
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