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0008313Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Transport/Haulingpublic2014-09-17 18:062014-10-27 10:42
Toady One 
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0008313: Ignore outdoor vermin remains in 'o'rders doesn't work.
dwarves will gather all refuse from outside, including vermin remains, despite being set to ignore in 'o'rders.
Set dwarves to gather refuse from outdoors, ignoring vermin.
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related to 0008321resolved Toady One Indoor refuse isn't hauled unless outdoor refuse hauling is enabled 
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2014-09-19 17:57   
And on a probably related note, my dwarves in 40.13 are ignoring vermin remains that are indoors. However, if I set them to "Dwarves ignore Refuse" they'll start dumping them in garbage zones (not refuse stockpiles) where they end up forbidden.
2014-09-21 09:43   
In 40.13 they only gather vermin *inside* the fort if you set standing orders to "gather vermin". However this option is only available if you also turn on "gather refuse from outside".
2014-09-21 09:54   
I can confirm that anything inside the fort (like cartilage and so on) only gets dumped if set to "gather refuse from outside". Looks like inverted logic.

Well, my settings worked like a charm until now. I even wondered if miasma is still there. Now I know :)