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Toady One 
0008344: Undead from world gen are incredibly powerful
Undead that invade a fortress or are encountered during adventure mode tend to be ridiculously strong, fast, and agile. While undead in previous versions were slow, shambling, and clumsy masses dangerous for their sheer and (with a necromancer) growing numbers, The undead of DF2014 are super-muscular, ultra-agile demigods.

 In my latest fortress (Armok rest it's soul), the undead invaded in a squad of rotten dwarven soldiers, still clutching their weapons, and a squad of unrotten(!) unarmed elves. While my dwarves huddled in fear, the local Giant Wild Boars made excellent guinea pigs for examining the undead's terrifying strength. The undead would charge the creatures, moving across the screen almost to quickly for me to track! any undead armed with a sword would simply cleave through the giant wild boars, rarely dealing a blow that didn't amputate a part or bisect the beast entirely. More impressive however, were the unarmed undead who after running down the boars, would simply pulp their heads with a common punch! A giant wild boar is about the size of a Yak, with a creature size of 783,119, approximately 13 times that of a dwarf or elf, and yet the common undead of DF2014 can absolutely pulverize them with their massive strength! When My fortress opened the gates to do battle, the one undead ran through 12 stone fall traps and one weapon trap, dodging each effortlessly before mutilating my ragtag militia.

Such a huge difference from the relatively weak, slow, and rarely dodging undead from the previous versions indicates to me that this must be an unintended bug.
a) Enter adventurer Mode, find a tower, open the gates. While your legendary or peasant(doesn't matter) adventurer is being crushed or run-down by the super-powerful undead within, examine their descriptions. You should consistently see that the undead are described as having "incredible muscles" indicating supreme levels of strength.

b) Fortress mode, get invaded by a tower, watch dwarves swiftly be torn to shreds.
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This seems to be more of a thing that is up for debate whether or not it's a bug.

The speed is a consequence of the combat-speed split.

Also, if you know there is a nearby tower, you should have prepared accordingly for a zombie invasion.
2014-09-24 18:54   
There's indeed some oddities in combat in the latest releases , For example bogey men that would do light to moderate wounds on an armored soldier in 34.xx ( decent skills ) will now often break bones or worse with the same hits in this release.

This seems to be the case both in Adventure mode and Fortress Mode , in Arena I havent seen the same issues so I guess there's some differences.