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0008389: Vampire in Fort is always tired
A Vampire in the fort is always tired- he initially got knackered out by an extended military practice session, but has never recovered. I initially thought that this was due to lack of blood, but he recently managed to escape and drain a few dwarves dry, so that's not the cause.

Vampires don't ever seem to have an opportunity to rest- could that be a factor? Oughtn't they not get tired?

The Vampire is Sibrek Kubukgesis, and he is also the bookkeeper and manager. He's not been identified as a vampire by the fort at large.
Not sure- vampires don't turn up as frequently as they used to, not sure if this is a recurring bug.
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I actually had this once in 34.11, so it's an older bug. The vampire that I had training had gotten tired and wouldn't come out of it, I think I tried forcing her to be knocked out, didn't help I don't think, he/she also had some wierd healthcare glitchyness going on which was unrelated to the tiredness.