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0008411: Growing tree defeats protection & causes grievous injury
After discovering that anything built one z-level below the surface was subject to breches by growing trees, I put floors on top of every vulnerable tile, including the tile above the wall of the vulnerable facilities. That seems to be a fatal(?) mistake, as a growing tree collapse on the surface resulted in this:


X = Floor tile (wood)
O = Open hole, punched 22 levels down, the top tile has a pile of wood at the bottom (probably lying on the corresponding tile at the top before the attack), the lower tile has an injured dwarf with two injured babies (no wood)). She was operating a lever adjacent to another (now obliterated) lever several levels up.
B = Bare earth (actually sand), which used to be covered by floor.
E = Normal undisturbed ground
T = The hostile tree.

Will replacing the outermost floor tiles with wall tiles be tree proof (it ought to be), what about paved road?
Using DF Starter Pack R4 with Dwarf Therapist, DF Announcement Filter 1.1, and DFHack Pure Bugfixes + Performance Tweaks.
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duplicate of 0007533resolved Toady One Phantom "Something has collapsed on the surface" reports, related to tree growth/chopping 
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Dame de la Licorne   
2014-10-07 09:30   
I can confirm that this happens in vanilla .40.13. The root cause in this case is the phantom collapse that occurs occasionally when trees/saplings grow up (0007533), as I have never encountered this issue when a dwarf chops down a tree.

2014-10-11 09:09   
Yeah, it's 0007533. Floors are not cave-in-proof. Please refer gameplay questions here: http://www.bay12forums.com/smf/index.php?board=7.0 [^]