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0008469Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Generalpublic2014-10-25 05:282020-04-06 23:15
0008469: Cutting down trees leaves a hole in the floor (if empty layer underneath)
When you have trees on a floor over a mined-out area and fell those trees you are left with a one tile hole where each trunk was.
* Mine out under tree(s).
* Fell tree(s)
Possibly intended. I take this as one more indication that you should leave a filled z-layer between each habitation level.
related to 0007127resolved Toady One Chopping down trees that overhang constructed walls removes the floor from top of walls 
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has duplicate 0009019resolved Knight Otu Trees not falling after mining roots, then leaving open spaces when later cut. 
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2014-11-05 01:02   
Should be marked as 'related to 0006551 '
2015-12-01 18:47   
Still present in 0.42.01.
2015-12-03 23:48   
Wood often gets stuck on nearby trees when bigger trees are cut. When the other tree where it got stuck is felled too, it falls down and can both injure units and make holes in the ground below. Are you sure these holes are not caused by such "rogue wood"?
2015-12-04 01:15   
I have consistently noticed this as well. It's led me to avoid digging under tree trunks before I cut them, or I have to patch the holes up with blocks.
2015-12-05 08:49   
Can confirm as well. I'm also not sure if it's intended - if it is, though, I'm curious as to why. It doesn't really add anything to the game and is only a minor annoyance.
2017-11-30 22:23   
Confirmed in v0.44.02; chopping a 3rd-cavern goblin cap removed the floor and revealed the magma sea below.
2017-12-01 05:29   
I remember this happening to me in 0.43.05. I chopped a few surface trees. Later there was a goblin siege and I thought my fort was secure with all entrances closed off. However, some goblins managed to get inside and were killing citizens. Later I found out there were holes in the ground leading down into rooms inside my fort. You can't really see them clearly when z=0 and you have to actually have the cursor over them and it says 'open space'. The only way to easily spot them is to go 1 z level up into the sky and then all open spaces are highlighted below.
2018-02-20 01:08   
Happens in 0.44.05. I had a goblin siege drop through a little hole on top of my hallway, caused by a tree that had been cut down a few months before.
2018-09-21 08:29   
Still happens in 0.44.12, and it makes underground tree farming especially tedious because the holes not only have to be patched but then re-muddied as well.
2018-09-29 16:38   
I feel as if this is a feature working as intended. If you dug out all the soil below a root system, and then felled a tree, it would rip itself from the topsoil and leave a hole, no? Causes Fun, makes you be vigilant about clearing, and really doesn't cause all that much issue with farms.
2020-04-06 11:10   
I saw this recently, but not sure if it was in 47.04 or in an earlier version. Will see if I can reproduce.
To me this is a problem because it can be hard to tell that your fortress now has a hole in the ceiling. There's a couple ways to find it if you know what to look for, but some sort of message (tiles revealed to light not directly caused by a dwarf mining?) would be nice
2020-04-06 23:15   
There is no reason to believe it doesn't still behave like that, as neither the release notes nor the bug tracker shows the issue being addressed.